Early Spring on the Snake

Elsewhere in the country, spring has gotten off to a quick start, while things have remained quite refrigerated in Jackson Hole. I returned a week or ten days ago to find a couple of feet still covering the valley floor, and then a few inches more accumulated, much to my dog Klaus’ delight. But this past weekend, NW Wyoming finally got a small taste of spring, which made for a fine reason to drag out the drift boat, not that one should need much encouragement to go fishing.

While Saturday was a bit warmer and clearer than Sunday, both days offered solid fishing to hungry trout. By about mid-day, the water temp had come up about five degrees, which set off a modest hatch of midges and small baetis, sounding the dinner bell for cutthroat, particularly in moderate-depth runs of slower current below riffles.

While the dry fly action was surely enjoyable, the streamer fishing was on as well. My buddy Walt and I tossed three or four different patterns, each of which was of apparent appeal to the trout palate; though I doubt the fish were too finicky coming out of the cold winter.

Nonetheless, it was a blast to be fishing the Snake and rowing a drift boat again. It shouldn’t be too long before the Skwalas start to show and there’s just enough time to get on the vise in preparation.

For now, a few pics from the weekend. For more click here for the full gallery.


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