Project 365: day 1

Happy new year! Thanks for checking in on this first installment of the project and hope your start to 2014 was as fun as mine. I was in Jackson with good friends from UVA and Sewanee; we hit the bars and the Snake River Grill for a fine NYE dinner. Below are several shots from the evening, with the day 1 photo at the end.

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All the best in 2014,


a NYE hockey game winds down in Wilson, WY


new snow for the new year


One Ton Pig plays the Silver Dollar Bar in the Wort Hotel


the NYE crew on the town square

Though technically in a cab at the stroke of midnight, we made it out to the Stagecoach bar in Wilson, Wy. to round out the evening’s festivities. Entertained by a live band’s collection of instrument owners’ stirring selection of covers from Keith Urban and John Cougar Mellencamp, the local apres apres crowd steamed up the joint dancing on the makeshift dance floor/bandstand, sweating through the layers of capilene and gore-tex . Sadly though, one of the largest times being had came to an abrupt halt as one over-served individual went from living a ‘Better Life’ to ‘Down and Out in Paradise’. EMTs were summoned and with help from bar staff and friends were able to hoist the inebriate onto a gurney for a trip to the hospital. The person was responsive to caregivers and all actions seemed to be precautionary, but it serves a good reminder to keep things between the mayo and the mustard when out on the town.

Here’s to good choices for a healthy and safe 2014.

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